Tips for Grooming
Just like humans, horses receive many benefits from regular grooming and bathing.

Benefits of grooming
Generally speaking, grooming brings out the natural oils in your horse’s coat, removes surface debris, increases circulation and makes himlook and feel good.While regular groomingimproves the appearance of your horse, it also has benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Hooves should be picked out every day to remove rocks and built up debris.Regular grooming also allows you to become familiar with your horse’s conformation. Becoming familiar with what is normal for your horse will give you a good reference point for assessing the severity of an injury, should one occur.

Grooming is also a good time for bonding with your horse; a little positive attention without asking him for anything in return can go a long way!

Important Tips to Remember

 Establish your own grooming routine.

Practice good horsemanship.

Keep safety a top priority for you and your horse.





More Specific Hints
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