Shampoo is for horses too!
We all love a good shampoo, and your horse is no different. Follow these suggestions and keep your horse looking clean and fresh.

Shampooing Your Horse
Helpful tips for applying shampoo evenly:

Pour 2-4 ounces of shampoo in a bucket, and then add water to make a sudsy mixture and apply with a big sponge.

Use a spray bottle (most are about 32 ounces). Use about 2 ounces of shampoo, fill the bottle with water to the half way mark, shake vigorously and add water until the bottle is full. The spray bottle technique works well for getting the hard to reach areas, such as under the belly and the inside of the rear legs.

Distribute the shampoo evenly into the coat. Use sweeping circular motions to loosen the dirt and loose hair.

Have a bucket of sudsy water with you when washing the tail. Stand to the side next to the horse’s hip, lift the bucket and submerge the tail. Set the bucket down out of the way. Now you can massage the shampoo evenly through the tail with ease.

Don’t rush when shampooing your horse. It’s a great chance to pamper him while you spend time together.