Essential Equipment for your Horse’s Bath
Bathing a horse takes more than filling a tub full of water and soap. These few basic equipment hints will help keep your horse squeaky clean.

To save time, fill a plastic “bath bucket” with the following essentials:

A large sponge helps evenly distribute shampoo on the horse, and works well for cleaning hard to reach places like the belly, the legs and the face.

Rubber currycombs are great for getting loose hair out of the coat. They are relatively safe to use on all fleshy parts of the horse’s body.

A wide toothed metal comb to remove tangles in the mane and tail.

A hoof pick, finishing brush, a cheap flash torch and a sweat scraper.

A mild and effective shampoo. Use one that isn’t heavily fragranced (fragrances attract insects).

Optional: conditioner, whitening product, hoof dressing, or coat polish.

You’ll also need a sturdy halter and lead rope for maximum control, restraint and safety.

Quick Tip:
Use nylon or cotton materials, not leather. Leather shrinks when exposed to water and can transfer dye on to your horse’s coat. If left untreated, wet leather eventually dries out, becomes weakened and finally breaks.


To dry your horse

 If you have one, you may want to use an anti-sweat sheet to dry your horse. Sweat sheets are made out of a woven cotton material and are designed to “pull” excess water out of the coat quickly.

You also should have plenty of clean towels available forfinishing touches on the face, belly and legs. Old hand towels or bath towels make great horse towels and are very handy to have around the tack room.