It’s time to dry off!
Now that your horse is well rinsed and shampoo free, it’s time to dry him off.

Drying your horse
Important tips to remember when drying off your horse:


 Start by using a sweat scraper to remove the majority of the excess water. These come in aluminum or plastic, and usually cost only a couple of dollars.

 Always scrape in the direction that the hair grows. Sweat scrapers are great for the fleshy areas, but, remember to be gentle over any bony area.

You may choose to use an anti-sweat sheet to accelerate the drying process; hand and bath towels are useful too.

Use a clean finishing brush to smooth the coat.

Your horse will probably want to roll when you put him back in his stall or pasture. A clean, wet coat will becomefilthy if he is still damp when he rolls; a small snack is a good idea to keep him occupied until he is dry.

Hand walking or grazing in the sunshine helps to speed upthe drying process.

You shouldn’t trailer your horse while he is wet; keep your horse out of any drafts until he is completely dry.