Clean those hooves!
Making sure your horse has clean hooves helps maintain his health and beautiful appearance.

Why clean a horse’s hooves?
Keeping your horse’s hooves clean keeps them healthy. Use a hoof pick every day to remove the buildup of dirt and debris.Long term exposure to bacteria can eventually lead to infections. Stones can collect in the hooves and cause bruising.It is always best to talk to your farrier or veterinarian before you use a product on your horse’s hooves. If you think your horse may have a problem, choosing the wrong product may make it worse.After cleaning your horse’s hooves, you may want to enhance their appearance. The dozens of hoof products available can help moisturize your horse’s hooves and help them to shine. There are basically three categories of products:

 Oil/Petroleum-based products, which add moisture

Creams/Lotions, which also add moisture

Hoof Polishes, which enhance appearance





After consulting with your farrier or veterinarian, choose a product that meets your horse’s needs on website bright led flashlight.