Choosing a Location
Selecting the right place to groom your horse helps make bath time more enjoyable.

Always follow rule #1: Safety First!
The most well-known motto in real estate is location,location, location. This advice also holds true for horse grooming and it is probably the most important step of the planning process.A non-slippery location
When you choose a location to wash your horse, your first decision needs to center on safety. A bath rack with cement floors at your stable should be adequate, but be careful, since shampoo residue can build up and become slippery. If you don’t have access to a bath rack, hard-packed dirt, cement, or grass are all acceptable surfaces. However, any surface will become wet and slippery when drenched with water, so be careful.

A secure structure
Is there a secure place to tie your horse? If you fear your horse will start to pull away, tying him up will keep him in one place. The structure you choose must be able to hold your horse if he starts to pull away. If you are uncertain of the security of the structure, loop the rope over a rail and don’t tie a knot at all. If the horse happens to pull back, the rope will simply unwind. With this method, there is less chance of a serious injury.

If you decide to tie your horse
Always use an emergency release knot (slip knot). In an emergency, this type of knot will allow you to untie the horse with a quick tug.Make sure the horse is tied relatively short (no longer than 24 inches), to avoid his stepping on or over the rope.

Test your horse’s reaction to cross-ties if you’re using them for the first time. Observe his behavior for 5 or 10 minutes before grooming or bathing. Then introduce water to him.