The Bath

It’s Bath Time!
Everyone loves bath time, right? Here are some helpful hints for bathing a happy horse.

Because you love your horse, you want him to be clean and well groomed. A bath is an important step in keeping your petclean and healthy. Before you go spraying any water on his face, though, read on.

Water Temperature
If you are lucky enough to have access to warm water, set the appropriate temperature(lukewarm) and use a shut-off nozzle or valve on the end of the hose. Be sure to let the water run a little each time you turn the water flow back on, which will help ensure that the temperature is once again regulated.Remember: warm is good; hot is not.

If you have to use cold water to bathe your horse, do it on a sunny day, and remember that really cold water can surpriseyour horse easily. Whether your water is warm or cool, introduce the stream slowly, starting with the legs and working up to the body.

Selecting a shampoo
Choose a shampoo that is mild but effective. There are many different types of shampoos to choose from; the best are the ones with the least amount of fragrance. Avoid scented products for your horse, as some tend to attract insects. 

Specific Hints on Bathing your Horse
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