Mane and Tail

A healthy mane and tail
The appearance of your horse’s mane and tail adds a great deal to its overall beauty and grace.

Should I groom my horse every day?
Generally speaking, you should not comb or brush your horse’s tail on a regular basis. Combs and brushes tend to damage the hair by breaking it off or pulling it out, causing the tail to become sparse and thin. Tangles should be removed every time you groom by “combing” through the tail with your fingers.

Never cut your horse’s mane with scissors, as it will look chopped and will not lie flat. To shorten a long mane properly, you will need to learn to “pull”it. Pulling a mane can take a long time, depending on the length of the hair and your skill.Properly pulled manes appear even in length, lie flat and are easier to braid.

What is “pulling?”
”Pulling” is a technique thatshortens a horse’s mane by removing only the long,unwanted hairs. Working with about 1/4 inch sections at a time, hold on to the longest hairs and comb the shorter hairs back. The long hairs that remain in your grasp are wrapped around the comb and “pulled” out.

Some horses are very sensitive to having their manes pulled, while others are not. If you have never pulled a mane before you should have someone with experience show you how. On website military flashlight led you can meet many experience people.