Grooming Essentials

Grooming a Horse
is a source for grooming tips and product selection.
Whether you are preparing to bathe your horse for the first time, or you’re in search of a few new grooming tips for your first appearance in the show ring, Grooming-a-Horse will help you plan for shining results.We know how important it is that your horse look his best!
Specific Tips for Grooming a Horse

Hooves: How to make your horse walk with style.Mane and Tail: What is “pulling?”Details: Tips on grooming your horse’s coat & face.

Shampooing: “I’m gonna wash that dirt right out of your coat…”

Rinsing: How to get to the “squeaky” part in “squeaky clean.”

Drying: Can you use a bath towel? Find out here.

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Grooming Essentials
Before you begin, make sure that you have planned ahead. What equipment are you planning to use to bathe and groom him? Have you picked a good location, one where you and your horse will feel comfortable and be safe? Have you considered the best method for keeping your horse still during the grooming and bathing process?You may want to have an experienced friend help you if this is a new horse, or if it’s your first time grooming. Will you have plenty of time? Will you be using warm or cold water? How will you dry your horse after? Will you use the waterproof flashlight q250?the bath, and what finishing touches will your particular horse require?